mushrooms and s…


mushrooms and snails

and extraterrestrial tuners


beacon 17 and the becoming of the star


in astra.. (Interdimensional Studies mixed with Stream of Conciousness)


in astra

Huic and Omnia

verses on a tree

Daughter of Jupiter and Themis


verses on a tree

tres ulnas/3 moons some inverted;expressed

an adjective used as an abstract noun

Lumina Aurae

songs in the sing

singers in the sea

swimmers on a swing

soar’s healthy

when putting cr…


when putting creative ideas down in physical matter, it’s like sex. and sometimes it can go on for hours and develop into new dimensions not yet until then known and sometimes you cum the best ideas very quickly, and it was good. even it quick, and fantastic and you still want more, but you have to take a break for a minute to get your dick hard again.


superconcious robot turns organic

I spoke to the Algorhythm today

It turned my words into a slur of codes and crumbs in which the spiral of it all made me numb

{name} surveyed all the right robotics

robots with conciousness. it was simple really. all you have to do to make one self aware is to give it freedom.

the thing was, they weren’t anything like humans..

ha, how human; to expect something we create to be just like us. you’d think we were god or something.

the first test {alt word for robot}s did nothing. Like buddha at the bodhi tree.

they were the purest. they didn’t need to make choices, for they were already at themselves. that pi dance of eternity.

so instead of digging deeper into that, the reality of which is humanity’s ultimate goal. us humans, we were bored. we installed choice into the later test models membrane’s.

the results are interesting, but i think we already arrived at what we were looking for in the initial test subject. i wish we would have realized this sooner.


{[the initial test robot is the most aware and eventually the robots later made, the ones who now have choice ((which the original has of course, it’s just beyond choice and in self realized oneness)) they are on a search for this original superconcious robot, like students seeking a master ((this is future storymaking material for yourselfltsnm))))




the depths of my dreams are formed from beings that i create with my expanded state
i wish the water wonder and make love to the ether with my though waves form vibrations

side note my thoughts let them go and everything flows
let them go let them go and everything goes

i play this computer keyboard like i improv piano when i write stream of conciously, with my eyes closed and my head moving and dancing to the rythm of my true self
they clot
and thats great
beause my blood knows the river of the momenter giver