WordSigil into Stream of Conciousness


Doctor  Wilbur Sep 

Straightened out his spine with spoken word. 

Retraction and the inner depths melt. Set the spirits free that have been holding thee.  

I hereby clear this realm of concious being.  Nothing with ill intentions is around or inside. I call upon the transcended masters to flow my mind and hand my write. thank you.


this inner depth is melted. you saw a boy with a bathing suit dead in the depths of your sould, a family fin frozen waters. let your depths be heated with your heart. shine your sun into your lower stomach. undeneath the navel a green being rises. rinse right ride into the womb. a preparance for the void. it is instant.

it is instance and you expand into correct action in centered harmony. through lovecraft and will with words your soul’s lunar urge manifest!



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