the editing of truth beyond the source


vibrating nervous ticks

sikcness becomes health.





want to heal levannah

i find a picture of moons revealed vagina

i ask the question, how can i heal?

i divine

example: this time through taro



everything big …


everything big and one at a time. 

apply to websites. 5 different buttons and a big picture. that’s a social experimental website. 

also, porn, big. larger long screens. that are like a thick plastic blanket, and washable.

maybe even possibly keep you warm..

reminds me of a…


reminds me of a nine eyed man, in which his eyes are stacked with three brows and sets of eyes set up on top of eachother. each plane of conciousness in 3 frequencies all harmonizing.

NOTE: when i wrote plane i heard the ending of the lyrics “i’m on a plane” the titleur of the nirvana song.

tree travelers prtcd

extra dimensional beings grow through stars on trees to create a bridge to their verse.

reaching earth they realize that most people do not yet have their senses open to see them or their tree bridge.

they plant seeds from the tree on earth. 

these seeds grow into trees through the stars.

and that’s the start to our story.

WordSigil into Stream of Conciousness


Doctor  Wilbur Sep 

Straightened out his spine with spoken word. 

Retraction and the inner depths melt. Set the spirits free that have been holding thee.  

I hereby clear this realm of concious being.  Nothing with ill intentions is around or inside. I call upon the transcended masters to flow my mind and hand my write. thank you.


this inner depth is melted. you saw a boy with a bathing suit dead in the depths of your sould, a family fin frozen waters. let your depths be heated with your heart. shine your sun into your lower stomach. undeneath the navel a green being rises. rinse right ride into the womb. a preparance for the void. it is instant.

it is instance and you expand into correct action in centered harmony. through lovecraft and will with words your soul’s lunar urge manifest!