the editing of truth beyond the source


vibrating nervous ticks

sikcness becomes health.


everything big …


everything big and one at a time. 

apply to websites. 5 different buttons and a big picture. that’s a social experimental website. 

also, porn, big. larger long screens. that are like a thick plastic blanket, and washable.

maybe even possibly keep you warm..

reminds me of a…


reminds me of a nine eyed man, in which his eyes are stacked with three brows and sets of eyes set up on top of eachother. each plane of conciousness in 3 frequencies all harmonizing.

NOTE: when i wrote plane i heard the ending of the lyrics “i’m on a plane” the titleur of the nirvana song.

i spoke to a sp…


i spoke to a spirit guide

i saw him fix my heart and move it around like a …. gear for lack of a better word

circles within circles and he healed them

i then played a trick on myself and worried about an ill intentioned creature, and  i worried it messed with my heart,. i know it was my mind because in the past i have had the habit of hurting myself by thinking of things that can hurt me.

i asked the tarot about my heart



in my heart

respect for the void and the voids respect



the title of yo…


the title of you’re institution is now insillated into sky’s skrying

Ra Roars like a mother lion

teaching hir children how to behave

with solar flares and impenatrable waves


6 gracious thank you’s to our source


love is the light, light up the will